Paklausykime tylos!

Listen to the silence

Here is something that everybody should do once in a while. “Listen to the silence” and enjoy it of course. Focus on sounds and noises from nature and leave it out all the rest!

Halfway between a task and an advice, this sentence occurred during my first tour with Mindouga, the Head of Nature Department for Dzukija NP, and a group of people from Macedonia on the 24th of April. Čepkeliai Marsh, a very rich and complex natural landscape, was our destination. I had already explored it two times by myself but that day I had the possibility of filling the gaps of a previous aimless wondering around and being actively involved. The Čepkeliai state nature reservation is an outstanding preserved natural ecosystem. It breaks what it seems to be the monotonous presence of pinewoods. This area of 11,212 hectares is characterized by: the largest Lithuanian raised bog (an area of 5,858 hectares), lowland sedge bogs and black alder swamps, dry Cladinoso-callunosa forest, bog islands and lakes. Find further information here.

After lots of words to describe Čepkeliai Marsh, there was nothing more to say to tourists except for embracing quietness and peace. We couldn’t help but following this instruction. As for me, that moment reminded me of my yoga lessons. The use of sounds of nature during practice was not just an additional element but it allowed me to focus on each single part of my body so as to get full knowledge of my physical limits and potentialities.

I hope to enjoy a lot of these valuable moments!


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