My first official tour

I have to be honest, it was unexpected and for that I was panicking. On the 4th of May, I was translating some texts in the office about the park when the phone rang. It was a Polish family that wanted to visit Čepkeliai swamp. Then I was entrusted with the tour (maybe there were no available tour guides) and I had a little time (about one hour) to learn the most important information about the reserve and its outstanding raised bog. I had been there two times before but that time I had not studied thoroughly (as I always do before leading a group of tourists) so I did not think to be fully prepared. Well, everything was fine and I have to thank this wonderful family too. We talked a lot during the excursion and they told me several journeys all over Europe and the importance of making their kids experience as much as possible.

Later on, I also took part to a party for the celebration of the 27th Anniversary since Dzukija National Park was established (the real “birthday” should have been on the 23rd of April :D). Every person from Merkine and Marcinkonys staff took part. There was of course a lot of food, social and funny games and chatter, which I did not fully understood, surrounded by the beautiful scenario of Kastinio Lake. I was very happy to be invited and involved in this event.


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